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If you’re looking for the best cameras for casual use and don’t want to fuss about with settings before hitting the shutter button, a compact camera is probably the best fit for you. There are still plenty of cheap and cheerful compacts out there, but higher-end models also cater for the enthusiast.

Image stabilisation If you’ve got a shaky grip on your camera, image stabilisation in a DSLR will counteract photo blur. Because image stabilisation is often built into the lens, it’s a lot more effective when compared with compact digital cameras.

Along the way we’ll explain some of the jargon and the differences between cameras, though if you need a bit more help deciding what kind of camera you need, you can get a lot more information from our special step-by-step guide: What camera should I buy?

Dimensions 4.9 x 5.8 x 3.1 inches 2.9 x 5 x 2.1 inches 3.6 x 5.2 x 1.9 inches 4.5 x 5.8 x 3.2 inches 2.6 x 4.7 x 1.8 inches 2.3 x 4 x 1.6 inches 5.2 x 3.9 x 3 inches 2.2 x 3.8 x 0.9 inches 3.6 x 4.5 x 5 inches 2.6 x 4.4 x 1.3 inches

The D850 succeeds the 36.3MP D810 that came out in 2014, bringing numerous improvements to what was already an excellent DSLR in it own right. In terms of hardware the highlight is the 45.7MP sensor, which brings the D850 into line with direct competitors such as the Canon 5DS (50.6MP) and Sony A7R II (42MP). For those who either don’t require the D850’s full 45.7MP for a particular shot or just want to save memory card space, there’s also the option to shoot at either 25.6MP or 11.4MP.


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If you want something more pocket-friendly, a point-and-shoot can do the trick. But be prepared to get a little spendy to get something worthy of your exotic destinations. For the rough-and-tumble crowd, I recommend the Olympus TG-5 due to its bright lens and tough build. (If you’re more of a video person, don’t forget about GoPro.) For more leisurely vacactions, reach for the Sony RX100 III or Canon G7 X Mark II and enjoy images that run circles around phones in a form factor that slides into a shirt pocket.

Camera serial no. 80100716. Takes \nikon 3.7V battery (included & it accepts a charge, but we have no way of knowing how old it is). The camera & LCD screen are in good condition. & focus appear to operate ok.

Take stunning photos with the Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera & 64 GB Memory Card Bundle. The 64 GB memory card provides plenty of space for all of your photos._____________________________________________________________Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera – Black,… Find out more

Bridging the gap between compact cameras and DSLRs are mirrorless cameras, also referred to as compact system cameras (CSC). Expect these types to offer an excellent balance of convenience and image quality, though at the very top end we’re beginning to see mirrorless cameras match or even exceed rival DSLRs. Sony’s full-frame A7-series is a good example, with the Sony Alpha 7R III being the latest offering.

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The use of photographic film was pioneered by George Eastman, who started manufacturing paper film in 1885 before switching to celluloid in 1889. His first camera, which he called the “Kodak,” was first offered for sale in 1888. It was a very simple box camera with a fixed-focus lens and single shutter speed, which along with its relatively low price appealed to the average consumer. The Kodak came pre-loaded with enough film for 100 exposures and needed to be sent back to the factory for processing and reloading when the roll was finished. By the end of the 19th century Eastman had expanded his lineup to several models including both box and folding cameras.

There are also plenty of other features to look out for, including filming in high definition or 4K, storage capacity, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and touchscreen modes. Some cameras also feature tutorials and step-by-step guides to show how to use them and their different features which can make for an easier user experience for beginners.

The SLR mirror ‘blacks-out’ the viewfinder image during the exposure. In addition, the movement of the reflex mirror takes time, limiting the maximum shooting speed. The mirror system can also cause noise and vibration. Partially reflective (pellicle) fixed mirrors avoid these problems and have been used in a very few designs including the Canon Pellix and the Canon EOS-1N RS, but these designs introduce their own problems. These pellicle mirrors reduce the amount of light travelling to the film plane or sensor and also can distort the light passing through them, resulting in a less-sharp image. To avoid the noise and vibration, many professional cameras offer a mirror lock-up feature, however, this feature totally disables the SLR’s automatic focusing ability. Electronic viewfinders have the potential to give the ‘viewing-experience’ of a DSLR (through-the-lens viewing) without many of the disadvantages. More recently, Sony have resurrected the pellicle mirror concept in their “single-lens translucent” (SLT) range of cameras.

Like the look of Nikon’s D850 further up the top, but don’t want to shell out quite that much, then look no further than the 24MP full-frame D750. It doesn’t have that magnificent 45.4-megapixel sensor that the D850 does, but its 24-megapixel alternative still delivers top quality results, especially at high ISO settings. The D750 also features a decent 6.5fps continuous shooting speed, a handy tilting screen and a pretty attractive asking price.

As a versatile all-rounder, it puts in a respectable performance. Its snappy AF speed in Live View, sensational vari-angle touchscreen and wireless connectivity options are likely to gain interest from older EOS 5D-series users who fancy an up-to-date body, or perhaps a backup body, in a smaller form factor. When size and weight are critical– when you’re travelling, for example the EOS 6D Mark II really comes into its own.

The Panasonic LUMIX FZ2500 offers a hybrid mix if photo and 4K video capture f… The Panasonic LUMIX FZ2500 offers a hybrid mix if photo and 4K video capture features that make up its backbone. The FZ2500 is built around a large 1-inch 20.1 Megapixel sensor and bright 20X LEICA VARIO-ELMART F2.8-4.5 lens. Video professional will… more

Compared with the newer concept of mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras, this mirror/prism system is the characteristic difference providing direct, accurate optical preview with separate autofocus and exposure metering sensors. Essential parts of all digital cameras are some electronics like amplifier, analog to digital converter, image processor and other (micro-)processors for processing the digital image, performing data storage and/or driving an electronic display.

As well as including 5-axis in-body image stabilisation that works with practically any lens, the A7R III uses the same uprated NP-FZ100 battery as the A9, offering over twice the capacity of the old NP-FW50. It also gains twin SD card slots, one of which is of the faster UHS-II type. The only things you don’t get that you might expect for the price are in-camera RAW conversion or a built-in intervalometer.

But we’re not just a camera shop, oh no! We like to encourage photography, not just camera ownership. So, to that end, I set up a little gallery space, 12 spot-lit frames, 50 x 50cm, which are changed monthly to show work by customers and others. If you feel you’d like you have your work shown then get in touch and we’ll talk about it, naturally I’d like to see your work!

Prior to the rendering of a viewable image, modifications can be made using several controls. Many of these controls are similar to controls during image capture, while some are exclusive to the rendering process. Most printing controls have equivalent digital concepts, but some create different effects. For example, dodging and burning controls are different between digital and film processes. Other printing modifications include:

Sony’s latest Bionz X processor provides the horsepower for the headline 24fps shooting mode, with a spectacular buffer of 110 RAW files, or 249 JPEGs. The sensitivity range runs from ISO 100-12,800, with extended ISO 64 and 80 options also available. Crucially, the sensor gains on-chip phase detection for autofocus too, with 315 focus points covering 65% of the image area.

GoPro and other brands offer action cameras which are rugged, small and can be easily attached to helmet, arm, bicycle, etc. Most have wide angle and fixed focus, and can take still pictures and video, typically with sound.

Native sensitivity, meanwhile, ranges from ISO 100 to 25,600, with an expanded “Hi” setting of ISO 51,200. Shutter speeds range from 30sec to 1/4000sec. Video can be recorded up to a maximum 1080p Full HD at 60fps, with a dedicated microphone jack also provided should you want to use an external mic.

Pair it up with one of the wide range of WR-designated Pentax lenses and the camera is dust and splash proof – something that you don’t often get on a camera at this price. The large grip gives plenty of space for controls, and the K-70 makes use of it by including twin electronic control dials front and rear, in contrast to most other cameras at this price point which usually only have one.

Type: Bridge camera | Sensor: 1.0-inch type CMOS | Resolution: 20.1MP | Lens: 24-480mm, f/2.8-4.5 | Screen type: 3-inch vari-angle screen, 1,040,000 dots | Viewfinder: EVF | Maximum continuous shooting speed: 12fps | Movies: 4K | User level: Intermediate/expert

Whatever you love to shoot, it’s easy to find the best match for your photography: Professional-style DSLR kits deliver high-resolution photography that brings out your creativity, a compact camera offers a user-friendly design with portability, while bridge and compact system cameras combine the best of both worlds with both high performance and user-friendly features.

Its reliable image quality, sound focusing performance, usefully tilting and responsive LCD, and decent level of customisation are good reasons to choose the PowerShot G7 X II. What’s more, it fits the hand nicely and is contructed to a very high standard.

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According to Japan Camera Hunter, Agfa Vista color negative film is no longer being produced. The site says the information was confirmed by ‘reliable industry sources,’ and that supplies are drying up around the world.

What’s the best camera? Okay, we admit it – it’s an impossible question to answer. The best camera for a pro photographer is a million miles from the best camera for an adventure sports nut or a novice shooter. 

Have a look at our Nikon cameras and Canon brand shops for more inspiration. With our amazing cameras and useful accessories, the perfect picture is closer than ever! Whatever you are after we are sure to have a great option for you here at Argos. With great photography options our digital SLR cameras are top of the range, high quality and eminently affordable. out our pages for inspiration and ideas and see if we have anything that suits you in our fantastic range.

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This camera is in great condition, it hasn’t seen much use and has only taken about three and half thousand images. The camera body shows no scratches or marks, neither does the screen however there seems to be a small amount of dust thats accumulated under the display in one corner (as shown); though its only noticeable when the screen is black.

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